G- Bio Humic (100 Ml)


Humic acid is known as a naturally stimulant for the development of plants. It soaks the soil, so that the roots can be developed at a fast pace. Order agricultural products online that stimulate the process of photosynthesis, which gives a greener plants and increase the branches. It develops tertiary roots of the plant so that the absorption of nutrients from the soil is high. Galway Krisham G- Bio Humic helps in increasing the productivity of the plant and acts as a crop protection.




TREATMENT OF SOIL – Mix 100ml Concentrated G-Bio Humic with 100 kg cow dung fertilizer, grazing Soil or Vermi compost in (1/2) Half acre and spread in the roots of plants.


SPRAY – Mix 100ml Concentrated G-Biomo Humic in 150 litre of water and spray in (1/2) Half acre, in the roots of plants.



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