Soyway Protein Powder


With soy protein isolate and whey protein Dietary Supplement. Soyway Protein Powder is a dietary supplement for the entire family. Buy Galway Nutriflow Soyway Protein Powder which contains high level of protein 82% (On dry basis) containing all the 9 Essential Amino Acids.


Soyway protein powder is a combination of high quality soya protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and easily digestible maltodextrin.

Our daily diet does not contain enough amounts of protein that is necessary for our body. Their deficiency leads to the development of cells, reduction in disease resistance and obstruction of enzymatic activity. In this way, the soyway protein powder helps in the formation of new tissues and cells by completing the right protein and amino acids inside it.  Buy protein supplements online which not only enhances the immunity of disease, but also encourages the body ideal development and growth.


Take one full tablespoon (Approx. 10g) of Soyway Protein powder in a glass. Pour Milk, juice or water as desired and stir well. Add sugar or sweetener as desired. Soyway protein powder can also be added to flour, gravies etc. For best results, consume regularly once daily.

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